New Projects

  The primary market in Thailand: the purchase of new flats

  Primary property in Thailand is absolutely interesting to all categories of customers, regardless of whether to buy property for personal use or for a profitable investment.Today, prices for new properties in Thailand are small enough, this is due to this boom in the construction of the state. Typically, real estate developers to offer interest-free during construction or at a low interest credit. Conclusion of the contract at the beginning of construction work is much more favorable in terms of price than the purchase of finished property.
  Now, thanks to the Internet, to sign a contract of construction, make payments and monitor the progress of construction can be directly from Russia. After signing the contract is paid 10-40% of the value of the object being built. Buying property in Thailand by the company builder, you'll be able to get some delay in payment under the terms of the prisoner dogovora.V most cases, a deposit for booking ranging from 25,000 to 125,000 Thai Baht. We looked at the most basic conditions for the purchase of new housing, and other conditions are unique. There are likely options such as full payment on arrival, or the repayment of the same parts throughout the building plus a final payment when you get the keys to the house.